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11/11/2013 20:00
For good looking footage, without brightness changes and choppy movement, the M (manual) mode is the first and only option. All the other modes (S, A) would allow the camera to adjust some parameter dynamically, which would result in inconsistent image. The mighty M allows you to lock the...
10/11/2013 20:00
Set your camera to video mode While V1 can shoot video in the photo mode, it does not produce the best quality this way - low bit rate and resolution along with unusual aspect ratio of 3:2 make this option suitable just for some quick video notes, when you optimize for small file size and don’t...
09/11/2013 20:00
While adding a bit of the movement to the camera can be an artistic choice, don’t try to do so with V1 shooting handheld, at least with the non VR lenses. Thanks to the miniature size and low weight of the camera, the V1 is very prone to transfer the micro shake of your hands. 300x300px crop from...
09/11/2013 11:29
And so it begins! Website launched with initial set of articles.
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