Lossless repackaging

12/11/2013 20:00

The video is recorded to MOV container, using H.264 codec. Processing MOV files on Windows PC can bring you a bit of headache (euphemism), especially when you use Sony Vegas / Movie Studio for editing

The most simple way around is to perform reboxing of MOV to MP4. Because the codec will remain the same (already mentioned H.264), no quality is lost and the file size will be also more or less identical.


There are multiple software solutions to perform this task, one of the more popular choices is MP4Box, which is one of the programs offered via GPAC multimedia framework. It is a command line tool, with ton of options and switches, but the conversion of MOV to MP4 is straightforward:
mp4box.exe  -add "videoFile#1" -add "videoFile#2" "mp4File"

or, to give an example:
mp4box.exe -add “DSC_0001.MOV#1” -add “DSC_0001.MOV#2” “DSC_0001.MP4”

The first two parameters mark video and audio source for the resulting MP4 file.

Note: This program can’t perform batch conversion of multiple files.


If you don’t feel like using console to process your files, you can consider using some high level wrapper, such as YAMB. When you install this program, It already contains the installation of MP4Box.

Note: This program can’t perform batch conversion of multiple files.


This script is a workaround for the mentioned limitation of YAMB/MP4Box, and it allows you to convert multiple files at once.


It requires you to install YAMB or MP4Box first, to use them as core for conversion.

If you install the YAMB to default location, the script should work out of the box. If not, you will be asked for supplying the path.



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