Slow motion

13/11/2013 20:00

There are multiple options on how to achieve slow motion with your V1 camera, in reasonable quality.

Simple approach

If you are satisfied with simple 2x slow down, you can consider shooting your video in 1280x720 at progressive 60 frames per second. This way you can “stretch” the video to twice the length, and export at 30 FPS (for example in Movie Studio). This results in no loss of the quality.

Frame synthesis

Another approach is to use the power of your PC to synthetize the frames. You can use both 1920x1080 @ 30p or 1280x720 @ 60p as input, while the second option will give you better results for fast moving subjects. Please see the article  Taking control over exposure  on information how to shoot the source video for the best synthetic results.

Frame synthesis takes your original footage and it interpolates between frames using feature detection. This allows slow downs bigger than factor of two for 60p footage and reasonable slow down of factor of two for 30p footage.
There are commercial solutions such as the Twixxtor plugin, but also some quite powerful free alternatives.

V1 SlowMo

This is GUI front end for combination of 3 free tools, which are needed to be installed first:

It allows you to specify, how much do you want the video to be slowed down and prepares script for the above tools to do the dirty work.


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